Hidden Gems

hiddengemYears ago I avidly read many good blog posts written by Marc Andreessen. Bit later  Marc restarted his blog to exclusively follow his VC firm a16z. All his earlier writings were lost.

Today I stumbled upon an archive of his earlier writings. Many of these are still excellent posts and I highly recommend them. In case the archive later would go down I also made a ZIP backup just in case.

I made this post just to make sure that Marc’s writings can be found as they are so useful to entrepreneurs everywhere. If Marc wants me to remove links to his old writings I would reluctantly do so – hopefully this will not happen! 🙂


heartbleedHeartbleed was a truly epic security defect. Full impact of this is still unclear, but countless number of servers, applications and devices were vulnerable. Repercussions are still ongoing through the entire IT community. Impact on certificate providers has been massive.

I was however amazed by Heartbleed for quite another reason. Finnish company Codenomicon actually *branded* this defect. They crafted the story, name, domain and logo for it. They did such a good job that journalists just ran with the story and spread the message to the global audience. Buying this kind of publicity would have cost tens of millions for the company, but they got it almost free by being in the right place at the right time and taking the clever action. I’m amazed and humbled by this. Salutations to those in Codenomicon who made this happen 🙂

The Fifth Protocol

multipass smallNaval is at it again. His vision of bitcoin is comprehensive and compelling. In his mind he sees bitcoin and its myriad of descendants powering large sectors of our financial infrastructure. He sees a true revolutionary technology in the making, our multipass towards financial freedom and innovation. A true fifth protocol. But is he right?

I believe his vision points us towards right direction, but is not entirely correct. One major problem I see with cryptocurrencies is the creation of money by mining. This is straightforward in its’ way and for some purposes serves perfectly fine. But this does not map so well to the money creation people (or machines) might truly prefer. I see this mostly as an ethics and fairness problem. If compelling alternative with different money creation mechanism appears I believe many will choose that option instead (or alongside) cryptocurrencies

Platforms like classic Ripple tried to approach this problem from different perspective. They failed for good reasons and everyone moved their focus to blockchain. I still believe there is a third option. And on this belief I founded my startup Centibel 🙂