Platform Scale

platform-scale-bookSangeet Paul Choudary explains platform thinking very well in his various books and online articles.

The Platform Scale book gave me new insights into Centibel. Reading through the book I tried to understand everything in the context of Centibel. This proved to be quite fruitful approach indeed.

Now one key Centibel platform property has been clearly identified. Realizing this property would drastically assist in Centibel growth and scaling. First this seemed impossible to achieve, but now I believe otherwise.

The Fifth Protocol

multipass smallNaval is at it again. His vision of bitcoin is comprehensive and compelling. In his mind he sees bitcoin and its myriad of descendants powering large sectors of our financial infrastructure. He sees a true revolutionary technology in the making, our multipass towards financial freedom and innovation. A true fifth protocol. But is he right?

I believe his vision points us towards right direction, but is not entirely correct. One major problem I see with cryptocurrencies is the creation of money by mining. This is straightforward in its’ way and for some purposes serves perfectly fine. But this does not map so well to the money creation people (or machines) might truly prefer. I see this mostly as an ethics and fairness problem. If compelling alternative with different money creation mechanism appears I believe many will choose that option instead (or alongside) cryptocurrencies

Platforms like classic Ripple tried to approach this problem from different perspective. They failed for good reasons and everyone moved their focus to blockchain. I still believe there is a third option. And on this belief I founded my startup Centibel 🙂


Bitcoin_euroBitcoin is interesting and even revolutionary in many ways. Bitcoin as money is only one aspect of the wider Bitcoin platform. Marc and Naval explain this quite well. I have taken a look into technology innovations behind Bitcoin and they are quite amazing indeed.

My vision for Centibel differs quite drastically from Bitcoin. As everyone and their grandmother is only looking at Bitcoin, Centibel is preparing to sail out to the wide blue uncharted ocean.

Messy Messaging

confused_sign_postMy friends gave some frank critique on the recent Centibel teaser page launch. According to them both the message and benefits were quite unclear. I must agree with them on both counts. I’m quite happy that this came up, because it forced me to think more on this subject.Thanks to everyone who commented on this. Special thanks to Marc and Jukka.

After some thinking I came up with new message. The new message is made with 4P principles. Acronym 4P stands for Promise, Picture, Proof and Pitch.

If you read this far, can you please review the new teaser page? If there is anything which could in your opinion be improved please let me know via this blog or via direct mail.

Naming Is Hell

Maybe it’s just me but nameinventing names is hard. Painfully hard. After countless frustrated hours you find a good sounding name. But soon you  discover it means something sh***y in another language. Or possibly someone has already trademarked your name. If all else fails you can be almost sure that someone has reserved your desired .com domain name long time ago and is willing to part with it – for a fee.


If you ever need to find a name for new company, product or brand I have some tips for you. I hope this helps you to speed up your naming process – drastically.

  • Try collecting some suitable keywords relevant to your service and combining them together in various ways. Maybe you will get lucky and find an excellent name. Some helpful tools (1, 2, 3) might assist you in this. Alternatively you can try inventing brandable name with little specific meaning. If you are really ambitious you can seek a word which can also be used as a verb.
  • Make sure your name is short enough and simple to pronounce. If you just say this name over the phone will the other person be able to correctly write the name down? How would your name sound if someone would say it in foreign language?
  • Google your name idea. You *really* need to do this to avoid embarrassing connotations and associations.
  • If you need a domain name associated with your name make sure to check availability. If you feel that good available names are impossible to find you can purchase a reserved domain name from a domain marketplace. If you want more comprehensive service you can purchase a reserved domain from a curated domain service (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Personally I like the curated domain service as they include baseline descriptions and logo proposals. My new startup domain name was purchased from curated domain provider BrandBucket. Thanks to all nice BB people and founder Margot for your innovative and excellent service 🙂
  • In case you have many prospective names you can pick few leading candidates and ask many of your friends to sort them in the order of preference. Aggregate the results and you’ll likely find that this kind of crowd-voting can pick up clear winning and losing names. If you disagree with the winner you do not need to pick that name, but if your preferred name is one of the losers you better think again!
  • If possible make sure your name is not trademarked. Check out ROMARIN. This is generally a good idea as trademark owner could for example lay claim to your domains and Twitter handle.