Looking Back to Look Forward

past and future

Last year was exhilarating, strange, painful and adventurous journey for me.

Scaling up is never easy. One has victories and one has defeats. Easy things are easy while hard things are really hard. Culture, focus and right people travelling with you are definitely the keys to success.


How did our companies do last year? Nepton grew 28 % and Hoika grew 51 %. Total revenue reached 1.8 million euros. My focus on Dimensional and Centibel remained somewhat fragmented, but they both progressed onward quite a bit.

What about the future? What about that scary and unknown land of infinite possibilities?

We are all humans and life throws surprises to us. There is too little time to achieve everything. If we learn from our mistakes, then making no mistakes is our greatest mistake. Be brave and embrace the future. Go to places, take risks, make mistakes, break things and have fun doing it all.


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