BankRebels Launch

lion rebel2As mentioned previously my true goal is not against banks at all. I truly believe our new way will ultimately benefit everyone, banks included. Thus this domain name is likely not perfect for my long term purposes. But for now want to check out various psychological messages on different countries. This is interesting stuff in itself, creates a nucleus of future mailing list for our service launch and most importantly allows me to study how Facebook advertising can be optimized and cost-optimized.

Decided to host this landing page with service. They have good tools for landing page creation, metrics and social integration followup.

First public version of the landing page is now complete. It’s pretty rudimentary as I do not yet have graphic designer on board, and had to create this page with my limited design skills. Might not even do improved version as my preferred graphic designer Juha is going to two week summer holiday soon.

Am going to try out various messages and variants and analyze the conversion results.


Hopefully this will generate some interest. User gets thankyou popup and also an email pointing to this blog.

I tried creating a merchandising store via CafePress, but it proved to be an epic failure so I soon halted the store entirely. It might still be visible at if you want  to see how it was constructed.


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