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dream kanjiFinding a perfect domain name is getting hard. All obvious domain names have longe since been taken. Situation is further complicated by domain bandits who reserve names on massive scale in hopes of reselling them later.

My approach to this problem was fairly systematic. Supported my domain search with various dictionaries (Greek, Latin, Maori) and used online text-to-speech tools to gauge how the names would likely be pronounced around the world. Also found some tools like  which helped immensely in this effort. Got some so-so names but nothing that really felt perfect.

After spending way too much time with this effort decided to try crowdsourcing. Soon I was crafting a “domain name invention order” in the website. The cost is between 50 $ and 125 $ depending on your criteria.

In just one week received 700+ domain name suggestions. Most of them were as bad as majority of my own name ideas. Some few however were reasonably nice, though not breathtaking. One of the suggestions I thought to be very clever idea, although it was likely unsuitable to be our final domain name. But it might be just great for landing page

Decided to pick domain suggestion invented by Louise Teubl from Austria. Thanks Louise! You will soon get a branded hoodie.

The new domain name is bit tongue-in-the-cheek and experimental. My true purpose is not to be confrontial with banks at all. My goal is to rewrite many of the current rules, transform industries and lead the way to new benefits for everyone while doing all this in socially & morally constructive way. Ultimately banks, organizations and persons who can adapt to new way will end up winning big.

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