Why-ImageFriend asked me why I am doing the UTU project. I have tried analyzing my reasons for UTU and came up with these core reasons.

  • I want to try something audacious which has potential to impact the world in a major way.
  • My personal situation right now supports starting such an experimental startup project.
  • Studying startups, business of software and fast growing companies has long been a hobby of mine. I am no longer satisfied with passive participation and study. Now I want to take more active role.
  • I recognize that success in this project might mean large valuation and payoff. Right now my financial needs are fairly modest. Big payoff would of course feel nice 😉
  • People building these startups somehow seem to gain more satisfaction, learn a lot and have more fun. I want to see if this is true and if this applies to myself.
  • My hope is for UTU to impact the world in positive way and make lives better for many.

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