I Was Stupid

homer stupid2My experiment with BankRebels concept message failed. The emotional message was not good, conversion rates were poor and I ultimately spent 3+ EUR per each newsletter signup. Most importantly my precious time was taken by this side track and the main project was slowed down.

What is most annoying is that with bit of foresight and thinking all this should have been obvious and avoidable. But somehow it was not and BR track went onwards. I was just stupid on this. The BR track is now halted and the main UTU track is again moving onwards.

Was it all just a loss? Not fully. I gained 100+ signups whom I can contact later when we launch. Facebook ads now feel much more familiar to me. Main benefit might have been the recognizition that cost-effective FB advertising is not easy at all and there is tons of “weird unexplainable stuff” going on.

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