Crazy Internet Years

satama3Spring 1999 brought many changes to my life. Internet was really gaining momentum and I was riding the wave. It was ridiculously easy to find a job as I already had good working knowledge of many essential tools and technologies. I interviewed with three companies and was offered position with all. I picked Satama as they seemed to have nice people, professional attitude and well-known clients.

Satama soon became one of the largest web and digital media agencies in Finland. It was built by fusing together several small startups and boatloads of investment money. I was almost in time to be one of the early employees but not quite. We grew insanely fast and spread to several continents. I was in excellent position to work with so many great people.

Satama gravitated towards ever-larger clients. We started building really big and scalable web applications. I gained much better understanding of underlying business processes and moved towards more senior roles.

At Satama we were connected and keen on new things. We were among the first 0.01 % to join LinkedIn.

After the dotcom crash everyone moved onward from Satama. Many forged their new destinies in the digital world.

At Satama I did projects for Chunghwa Telecom, Finnish Red Cross, Finpro, HIM, International Youth Foundation, Nokia, Satama Interactive, S-Group, Sinebrychoff, Sonera, Talentum and Yliopiston Apteekki.

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