My First Startup

startupYear was 1999 and while studying in the university we were deep-diving into the world of servers and web hosting. After provisioning some capacity from US data-center during hobby project we realized that we could repackage and sell this capacity for Finnish customers.

Soon we founded a company on this idea and named it Da Vinci Innovations. I think we picked name like this so we could also sell IT consultancy alongside hosting. In hindsight must say that for pure web hosting our name was not too great 🙂

This being our first company and us being typical “IT guys” we had really limited understanding of business, sales and marketing. Somehow we still muddled our way to customers, revenues and ramen-profitability.

Ultimately we scaled this company down as growth was fairly slow, competition was increasing very fast, and our university studies limited the time we could commit into this venture.

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