Grip of Death

grif of deathI have been discussing the UTU idea with several persons. One such person is David F. Heathfield, an academic economist and author. David recommended me to read a book called Grip of Death.

This book is difficult. Very difficult. Many of the basic premises and facts feel strange & wrong. I believe some of them actually are wrong or somewhat miss the mark. But many do not.

One can gain much better understanding of modern economy, our money supply and historical context by reading this book. Some chapters of the book are absolutely fabulous. I especially liked chapters on Abraham Lincoln and C.H Douglas. But some aspects of this book still feel incorrect and quite mistaken to me.

Read this book if you want to understand how strange a creature our money actually is.

2 thoughts on “Grip of Death

  1. Hi Jussi

    This book is great in presenting history aspects of money and debt. It also tries to analyze issues like transportation, centralization, globalization, food production and export warfare from money & debt viewpoint. Some of conclusions regarding these are likely right, but I feel many are presented as “obvious truths” even if reality might be different or much less black and white. My personal feeling is that these issues are related to extremely complex (looping) economic flow structures making any analysis from single viewpoint quite suspect.

    I have this book in paper form so if you want to borrow it just let me know.

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