CES 2014

CES 2014 very digital zoomed mobile capture with Lumia 1020

This year I visited CES for the first time. Lots of widgets and things to see. I enjoyed the trip and even won a bit in casino. Feeling wealthy for a day I upgraded my return flight and got auto-upgraded further to first class. Lucky me 😉

Many big companies had a massive presence at CES. I was however most impressed with smaller players who had invented a nice new idea and implemented solid product around this. For example one company demonstrated a nice looking little device which allows you to put any mobile/tablet/phablet next to it so that it automatically boosts your mobile sound output. No cables, bluetooth or magic. Just a battery, microphone, speakers and bits of software in one package. Very nice!

I have never been an exhibitor at trade show, but it was sort of fun trying to analyze the sales and conversion processes going on. Some companies had a good presence and others failed utterly. Few companies clearly had unclear focus and no clear reason for being there. But the most prominent failure I encountered was an exhibitor alone in his stall who spoke only few words of English 🙂

My new Lumia 1020 phone really proved itself on this trip. Click the small images below and see for yourself how detailed images one can now take with a phone camera. Note that in most browsers you need to click again to zoom further. Simply amazing!

CES 2014 LA to LVCES 2014 My HotelCES 2014 mobile capture with Lumia 1020

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