First 16 Years

16 years

I grew up in small town in Southern Finland. My mom worked in childcare and we had a small shop selling recycled building materials. My dad worked in construction and slowly grew his business to dozens of employees. Together with my younger brother we had good childhood and were privileged to gain excellent lifetime friendships.


During my early life Finland was next to Soviet Union while simultaneously being partially western. Slowly things changed in our society and modern Finland was born. Advanced technology became available and we Finns eagerly adopted it. Meteoric rise of Nokia boosted our hopes for the future. Internet arrived and irrevocably changed everything for many of us.

My life was totally hooked to computers since early junior school. VIC20, C64, AMIGA and PC models beyond counting. My coding life started when I was nine. Games and coding were my true passion. While in junior school I authorized some programming tips to the national IT magazine.

Together with my brother we operated fairly advanced multi-node and multi-line BBS from 2400 bbs until the arrival of Internet.

These precious early years were great fun and high adventure for me.

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